Patch Tarot: Major Arcana Digital Download Bundle (22 HD Image Files + The Book of Patch)

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Patch Tarot is coming! This Digital Download bundle pack is a special preview edition of the Major Arcana cards and the first edition of The Book of Patch – a guidebook to using the Tarot and understanding how it applies to your life. Each Card is complete with a description, a reading, and a personal notes section from the author on his experiences with creating it.

These cards are powerful tools in meditation, and thus we encourage you to make your own posters out of them! Supercharge your life with the power of the Major Arcana! This bundle includes: 22 high definition image files ready for print, as well as the first edition of the Book of Patch.

Purchase of this product grants you a discount towards future editions of the Patch Tarot deck and The Book of Patch.