Spirit Shirts - Sacral Chakra

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Bring abundance into your life with the Sacral Spirit Shirt!! Loaded with Citrine, Tigers eye, Carnelian and more - these shirts are energetically designed to uplift your energetic field, support your own spiritual healing, and attract wealth and abundance to you like a powerful magnet!


The concept behind the Spirit Shirts are very simple: Let's all chip in and make something entirely by hand and all from the heart, with natural ingredients: Good for the body and good for the mind!

Spirit Shirts was the result, the idea of amazing colourful chakra clothing, printed on organic bamboo fibres with natural ink infused with crushed crystals matching the corresponding chakra. And thus, here we are!

The Sacral Shirt is infused with 5 different types of crystals! They are Citrine, Orange Calcite, Carnelian, Rose Quartz, and Tigers Eye.

Learn more about the project by clicking here!